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30 days in Asheville is just the right amount of time to find the best Gluten Free restaurants. The foodie scene in Asheville is great, with so many restaurants to choose from. My Asheville gluten free restaurant round-up will help make your choices easier when you are traveling to Asheville. 

I typically sit at restaurant bars so I can meet local people. I love meeting new people, having interesting conversations, and learning about the wonders of humans. Honestly, I have come to know the most interesting stories from all across the Northeast. I am super excited to hear more of those as I continue my journey. 

Fun Gluten Free Spots in Asheville:

Packs Tavern in Asheville has gluten free options.

Pack’s Tavern – Although the menu does not specify gluten-free, I expressed to our server that I was gf. The manager came out to ask about my allergies and shared what items on the menu I was able to eat without fear of gluten. He was awesome and the food was good. Tink was welcomed on the porch (which was inside and heated). They brought her a water bowl and several of the staff came out to love on her.

Taco Temple – This small place is located on the corner of Charlotte and Broad St. (just outside of downtown). You stand in line outside to order your food. Their tacos are prepared with homemade corn tortillas. The breakfast tacos were our favorites. Check out the Condesa breakfast taco with sweet potato hash, eggs, salsa, and cheese. They have a vegan option as well. Do yourself a favor and order a side of tater tots. These tots are seasoned with lime salt which is amazing!

White Duck Taco – Located in downtown Asheville, they also have 2 other locations around town. This is a very casual restaurant and the line can be long at peak times. They have unique tacos that change on a regular basis. Their entire menu is listed on the chalkboard above the register and they always have yummy gluten-free options. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their mixed drinks on tap that are seasonal and on point! They also welcome dogs.

gluten free dessert at Omni Grove Park Inn

High End Gluten Free Restaurants

The Edison at Omni Grove Park Inn – They don’t have an exclusive gluten-free menu, but the bartender told the kitchen I had a gluten allergy and they cooked our dishes accordingly. The view of the sunset over the mountains was divine and our bartender was awesome in his attention to detail and understanding of our needs. 

Landon, (the bartender) made a few creative drinks for Larry and even sent out a gluten-free treat for us when he discovered that Larry had just gotten some great news! That simple gesture made our entire night super special, just by creating a special moment in our evening.

Carmel’s Kitchen – This restaurant is located downtown so it is a wonderful place to check out when you are shopping in downtown Asheville. Although there aren’t exclusively gluten-free items on the menu, they were able to accommodate my request. The waiter and staff knew which items were gluten-free and safe for me to eat. The outdoor seating is dog friendly and the staff seems to love dogs.

Bone and Broth – Located on Charlotte St. near downtown, this restaurant is one of my favorites here. It is an upscale restaurant that caters to discerning visitors. I sat at the bar and met some really cool people while I dined alone. The restaurant does not have a porch for pups but it does have a very gluten-friendly menu and the salmon I had was absolutely wonderful. 

Gluten Free and Dog-Friendly

Battery Park Book Exchange – This is a wonderful gluten-free restaurant in Asheville. It is located downtown and welcomes dogs. The entire outdoor seating is dog-friendly!! Ya’ll this place is a bookstore AND a champagne bar. There is a ton of outdoor seating with comfy couches. They serve delish charcuterie boards that can accommodate gluten-free crackers for the charcuterie. They also have a plethora of wines and sparkling wine options. I recommend checking this place out for the sheer joy of food and books in the same location. It is a wonderful place for an afternoon snack when you are visiting downtown Asheville. 

Inside Battery exchange in Asheville
battery exchange in Asheville

Twisted Laurel – Is a casual restaurant on the corner of Spruce and College, and has gluten-free pizza!! Not only that, but they have an entire dog menu and Tink got the pupaloaf (she didn’t hate it… haha!)

pupaloaf at Twisted Laurel in Asheville

Nine Mile is located on Montford Ave. It is Caribean-inspired food that can be made to suit most allergies. You can get almost anything gluten-free! The vibe is super cool and the waiters are super friendly. 

Posana Restaurant is located in historic Pack Square. Contemporary American food. I loved the cozy feel of the restaurant and the amazing drinks. The unique thing about Posana is that they have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. The food is amazing and definitely a place you will want to check out when you are visiting Asheville restaurants. 

Gluten Free Brunch in Asheville

Social Lounge has a great rooftop dining area and several gluten-free options that are really good! We had a sweet waitress who shared the gluten-friendly options. We enjoyed the seasonal brunch cocktails as well as a wonderful brunch meal. 

Social Lounge in Asheville

Chocolate is Asheville. When you are out and about in Asheville, be sure to check out French Broad Chocolate. They have a ton of amazing chocolates to choose from. They also have coffee and other sweet treats for you to enjoy. I got some chocolate gifts for my family from French Broad Chocolates. 

Check out my blog posts on all the gluten-friendly and dog-friendly places I visit, in the hopes that you will travel, meet new people, and experience life in a whole new way!

West Asheville Gluten Free Restaurants

West Asheville
West Asheville

The West End – so many gluten-free bakery options including gluten-free bread to take home!

Sunny Point Cafe – a great little local cafe with gluten-free muffins and it is very dog friendly.

Early Girl Eatery – there is one in downtown Asheville and West Asheville. This restaurant serves breakfast and so many options for gluten-free that I haven’t had in years!

Asheville is an amazing area with so much to do for outdoor enthusiasts as well as a quaint downtown that is fun to poke around. You will not be disappointed in your gluten-free restaurant options in Asheville. I highly recommend visiting Asheville in the fall when the leaves are at their peak.