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Airbnb Secrets from a Digital Nomad

As I travel across the country with my Tink, I stay exclusively in AirBnbs for month-long visits. Traveling this way enables me to really get to know each community I am visiting. Over these past few months, I have become a very proficient traveler and packer. I have discovered some things that I need that I didn’t consider I needed and things that I deemed essential but I simply don’t need. I wanted to share some I have learned secrets along the way to make the Airbnb experience better. As well as how to get GREAT reviews so that hosts want me to come to visit AND how to save money on your Airbnb stay. 

As a digital nomad, I am dependent on the hospitality of hosts and the back end of Airbnb to support my grand adventure. So, I wanted to share a few tips for your next Airbnb experience that might help you save some money and get great reviews.

Here are some of my Airbnb secrets to get you started:

  1. When you are searching for an Airbnb be sure there are views of the outside of the place. I have been to a couple of places that were completely adorable, but there were clearly drug deals going on right next door. The pictures of the inside were stellar but there were no photos of the outside of the place. HUGE clue that the location might not be ideal.
  1. Once you find a location you are interested in, take the time to send the owner a note BEFORE you try to book. I created a template for my purposes since I am staying in 12 different locations and want to share the same info with you. I saved this as a google doc so I could copy and paste it to each potential location.

My name is (your name) and I am newly uprooted, meaning my youngest left for college and I sold a business and my home of 24 years. I am a growth strategist for entrepreneurs/realtors and freelance writer, so I am free to roam about the country 🙌 . (This is where you would say something about yourself and the reason for your stay in the location.)

My dog, Tink (a 25 lb terrier mix, we adopted in April 2020) and I are taking a cross country road trip. I am staying in Airbnbs for 30 days at a time to take advantage of the discount and to get to know each area.

I plan to stay in (location) ((date)) (see below for more information you might want to send)

  1. If you would like to SAVE MONEY on your Airbnb stay you can add the following language: I’m looking at a couple of other Airbnb options, but your place is my favorite! It is a bit above my budget for the trip, so I was wondering if you would be willing to offer a discount? I completely understand if you can’t do this; just thought I’d ask. Thank you!
    1. Hosts are more amenable to offering a discount for longer stays. On top of that, because of my glowing reviews, I am typically offered pretty decent discounts.
  1. Now as you pack for longer stays in Airbnbs, I have a pretty unique checklist for you. These are items that you might not have thought you need, but trust me, they comes in handy. It’s also a checklist that is interactive, so before leaving your Airbnb check and make sure you have all the items on your checklist.  Many hosts have told me of countless items left behind that needed to be shipped back to the guest. Download the checklist here.
  1. When you arrive at your destination be sure to walk through the house before you unpack. Check if the homeowner has left any instructions and discover where you can keep your items for the rest of your stay.
  1. If the homeowner is in town, and they are open to it, meet them! You will learn a lot about the area and it’s always nice to know someone in the town you are visiting (particularly if you are staying long-term). I had the most wonderful experience with my host in Chattanooga. She invited me to spend sunsets in her amazing garden and we spent several evenings chatting on my front porch. It made for a wonderful stay!
  1. To get a great review make sure you communicate with the host. Let them know if it’s great and if there are any concerns that need to be addressed upfront. In one location, an ice maker stopped working. I let the host know immediately so that 1. I wouldn’t get charged and 2. They could fix it if necessary.
  1. A lot of times the host will have instructions for leaving, but even if they do not, help them out and yourself out by:
  • stripping the beds
  • putting all dishes in the dishwasher (if there isn’t one, put them in the sink)
  • cleaning out the coffee pot
  • taking the trash out in all places where you collected trash
  • taking your food out of the cabinets
  • wiping down the counters (yes they have a cleaning service but leaving a place like you own it goes a long way with your host)

Most importantly take time to be present where you are. Take the time to explore and get to know the city you are in. Look up from your phone and meet the people around you, drink in the scenery and be open to the wonder of it all. 

Do you have any secrets to add??

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