Shannon Carlton

Hi There, I’m Shannon

In late 2021, I took off across the United States as a solo traveler and digital nomad.

After college, I spent 24 years in small-town Florida creating a home and community for my little family. I worked for a local publication for 10 years while my girls were young. Eventually, I started my own business in 2016. I cultivated a local entrepreneur community and launched several small businesses from my coworking space before selling it in 2021. During that time I also wrote THE book on creating successful Vision Boards.

In late 2021, after sending my youngest daughter off to college in Florida, selling my home, my business, and almost all my worldly possessions I took off on a solo cross-country road trip. My dog Tink and I spend one month in an Airbnb in new cities across the United States. We explore all the hiking, dog-friendly spots and gluten-free food in each location. I began my journey in the Northeast and then headed out west. My goal in this adventure is to learn to be present in each moment and connect with new people and experiences.

  • I have been gluten-free for about 8 years
  • My covid rescue dog (Tinker aka Tink) travels with me and loves to hike and visit with other dogs.
  • Coffee before anything and I get up early!
  • Exercise provides me with much-needed endorphins to keep away the crazies as well as allows me to eat my way through this journey without gaining too much weight. Yoga, long dog walks and the peloton app have helped me continue my exercise habit.
  • I have an amazing tribe who support and encourage me on this journey. (and sometimes join me)
  • I struggle with how I look in the mirror on a daily basis.
  • My music tastes range from 90’s hip hop to show tunes to James Taylor radio!
  • I love being outside and finding trails to hike or walk with my pup
  • Learning about people and business fascinates me
  • When I get in my Subaru, I listen to audiobooks. Fiction and non-fiction

I am a writer and business coach for digital nomads, helping them save 10 hours per week in their business. If you need to hear this today…….go after your dreams with all your heart because you get one chance in this life to explore and expand!

What is your grand vision?!

I took a huge leap of faith and would love to chat with you about creating your own digital nomad business. If you want to join me on my adventures, subscribe to the newsletter to find out what I’m up to and the lessons I learn along the way.

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