There is so much to do and see when you visit Austin. In my opinion, there are 3 must-see art experiences in Austin. I have become such a fan of art since I began my travels as a female solo traveler. I am particularly drawn to street art because there is no barrier to entry.

These talented people create art on the side of buildings, factories, walls, and sometimes run-down buildings. The art scene in Austin is truly special. If you get a chance, seek it out, and learn about the local Austin scene! I want to share 3 wonderfully unique art experiences in Austin, TX, with the hope that you will check them out too.

Wonderspaces Austin


A Wonderspaces ad kept popping up on my Facebook feed. After seeing the ad several times, I decided to give it a chance. I find it ironic that I am brave enough to drive all across the country but going to an art installment or a farmers market alone seems daunting. Anyway, I bought myself a ticket for the following week and set off to see Wonderspaces. 

Wonderspaces is an immersive and interactive art experience and I was completely blown away. Since I was new in town, I had no idea where I was going, or what to expect. As I was driving through a very industrial part of town I was doubting the “wonder” of it all, and began to question my own reasoning for thinking this excursion was a good idea.

I found the location of the warehouse where the art installation was taking place. Digital ticket in hand, off I went! The experience begins by scanning a QR code to go to a website that was supposed to explain each installation.

Unfortunately, I had to get clarity on was HOW to interact with the website (maybe I’m not as bright as I thought). It took me 2 art installments to figure out how to use it.

Once I figured out the technology, I learned how to interact with each experience! There are over a dozen art displays to interact with and food and drink along the way, if that floats your boat.

A few of the standout displays include:

  • A hanging light display that you can walkthrough
  • A “paint wall” that when you move throws digital paint on the walls
  • A virtual reality art experience (that was my absolute favorite) and several others that were incredible to interact with.

The entire wonderspaces experience took me about an hour, so it’s not an all-day thing. You won’t be disappointed by making the drive out to the studio.

Austin Graffiti and Street Art Experience

Austin Art Tour

Eileen and Douglas Barber host The Graffiti and Street Art Experience. The tour began on Cesar Chavez Street with Eileen and Douglas rounding up our full tour group and introducing themselves. Our group then headed down Cesar Chevaz, led by Douglas, who loves this city and the incredible public art displays. Douglas is very knowledgeable and has studied the street art scene with local graffiti artists. Because of Douglas’ research into the street art scene he knew obsure facts about the art that was so fun to learn.

Douglas is also a bit of a history buff so we got some interesting history about the artists as well as the city.

The 2 hour tour is so impressive and Douglas kept the morning fun and informative. I learned about the local art scene as well as the individual popular and upcoming artists. It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.

Not only was I able to appreciate street art, but I gained an understanding of the way artists, building owners, and the city work together to showcase street art and bring artists together to the community. This tour is great for a solo traveler looking to meet like-minded travelers. If you’re traveling through Austin and have some time, take this tour. I promise you will LOVE it!!

Laguna Gloria – The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary

“The Contemporary Austin aspires to be the contemporary art museum for Austin and an essential part of city life. Through its unique combination of urban and outdoor sites.” This is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.

My boyfriend and I took a couple of hours to walk through the art pieces on the property. It is located on the shore of Lake Austin so walking the property is just lovely. Each installation is unique with information on the artist and the artwork. We experienced everything from an old car reading a story to fairytale story gone awry.

Advance tickets are required due to covid restrictions. The property is dog friendly but they are not allowed in the buildings.

While you’re there, check out their restaurant Spread & Co for a nice variety of snack boards.