Dog Friendly things to do in Chattanooga

My first couple of weeks in Chattanooga is where the real adventure began. I will tell you that about a week in I began to feel the loneliness that I didn’t experience when I was close to my girls. There is much more distance from my loved ones up here. I don’t have friends in town and have been having to figure out what to do with my evenings and weekends. With every adventure comes some real life. Just because I no longer have a nest doesn’t mean I don’t have the angst of the empty nest sometimes. I took a day to feel lonely and sad. I sat on my couch with Tink, watched some silly movies and cried.

The next day I dusted myself off and went to a coffee shop to work (and be around people) and met a sweet girl who gave a list of things I needed to see in the area. I made notes on my ipad and have begun checking things off my list. 

Chattanooga is a great city. It’s right on the river, rich with history and mountains and I love that it’s not a huge city, it’s the perfect size to feel comfortable moving around but with so much to do and see. 

I checked out several dog-friendly things to do and places to eat in Chattanooga so far. 

Lookout Mountain and Rock City – this is a very touristy area, heavily trafficked so my suggestion is get your tickets for early in the day (they open at 10). After our visit to Rock City we headed to Point Park which offers beautiful views of Chattanooga and has a lot of history about the civil war battles that were fought there. From there we went to Cravens House, which offered a nice little hike and more civil war history. It took us most of the day to traverse through these points of interest. 

Rock City is dog friendly

Foodworks – huge porch that is very dog friendly. We had the Red Snapper and it was very tasty. 

Stir – very dog friendly and the drinks are so creative with each one being served with artisanal ice cubes that are unique to that particular drink

Chattanooga Choo Choo – lots of history to peruse at the Choo Choo Station along with plenty of places to eat and drink (Stir and Frothy Monkey among them)

Market Street Bridge – this is strictly a pedestrian bridge so it’s dog and people friendly with spectacular views of the river and mountains. I recommend going early on a weekend morning to beat the crowds and be able to stroll through and get great pics and enjoy.

Market Street Bridge in Chattanooga is Dog Friendly

River walk – there are 13 miles to the Riverwalk in Chattanooga. The sidewalks are wide and perfect for your pet, bike, skate, etc. There are many places to stop and rest or take a bathroom break. Tink and I typically enter at Curtain Pole Park and it’s never crowded.

Chattanooga Riverwalk is dog friendly

Scotties on the River – right on the river with a view of Market Street Bridge. The staff is friendly and they love dogs. Great happy hour specials for drinks.

Locals Only Gifts & Goods – Perfect shop for local wares. They only sell items that are from TN. So their coffee, art, mugs, everything is sourced locally, which we loved. AND it is dog friendly, they even offered Tink a treat!

Coolridge Park is on the Northshore. It is a beautiful park, well maintained, and the perfect spot to see the river and south shore. Great place for picnics and getting together with friends.

Reflection Riding & Arboretum- nice little walk through the woods and pasture. Quiet place to take a stroll and find some interesting artifacts from “yonder years” 

Northshore shopping – great little shops and mostly all dog-friendly

Stay tuned for more on Chattanooga!