Empty Nest Solo Traveler

My name is Shannon Carlton and I am a mother of 2 (almost grown) daughters. I have a heart for God and published my first book at the beginning of 2020. In April of 2021 I sold my first business, which I built from the ground up 5 years ago. In August of 2021, I sold my home of 24 years and facing an empty nest. I chose to take a huge leap of faith, and become a solo traveler.

  • I am the take-your-bra-off as soon you walk into the house- mom,
  • I don’t speak before my first cup of coffee, and that happens at 4:30 most mornings.
  • I exercise 5 days a week, simply so I can eat what I like and have my wine.
  • I love girlfriends and have the smartest and best women in my tribe.
  • I struggle with how I look in the mirror and listen to a wide range of music from 90’s hiphop to showtunes to James Taylor radio! Anyone else??

In the daytime I help entrepreneurs & visionaries create systems inside their business to work most effectively, keep more money in their pockets and have energy each and every day for the life they envision. 

My youngest daughter graduated from high school and bravely or stupidly, I decided to take 1 year to travel this great nation of ours with our covid rescue pup, Tink.

My higest vision of this journey is to learn about people and business around the country and exist permanently outside my comfort zone. Let’s encourage each other to live beyond the empty nest with great vision and purpose!

What is your grand vision?!