Solo Traveler

I am a woman of routine. I lived in the same place for 24 years, went to the same gym for 21 of those years, shopped at the same store at the same time of the week, sat in the same chair for my morning coffee and quiet time and then just like that I up and decided to travel about the country, staying in Airbnbs for 30 days at a time. That put a grinding halt to my routine and schedule. The thing is, I thrive in routine and feel confident when I can have those rituals, so in my first few days at my new (temporary) place, I am establishing a routine for travel for myself and my pup (dogs like their routine as well) by utilizing a few comforts of home. 

When I first arrived in town, I found the grocery store, which was rather tragic and frankly just GROSS, but on my way saw a quaint little park that was just perfect for Tink and I to take our morning walks! Tink and I walk in the park each morning around 7. During my walks with Tink I chat with friends from home or listen to a book on audible and then when we return I shower and start the work day. 

Establishing a routine for solo travel includes a new way to work

I have found that I don’t like the quiet like I did at home and I no longer have a home office so I’m working from a kitchen table. It feels too quiet out here in the boonies so I have music on in the other room (I’ll take playlist suggestions!). I have time-blocked my mornings to accomplish the sales calls I need to make and then I’m letting the afternoons establish themselves. Maybe I will explore, maybe I’ll write, maybe I’ll work, who knows! This afternoon I decided to take off and check out Shell Point beach.

Interestingly, I have been nervous to blog, like what on earth am I going to say now? I spent so many months planning and working toward this moment and now here I am… it still as interesting? ((We are always working on mindset, so that’s my honest moment, wondering if this whole endeavor is still interesting)). The place I’m staying this month is – well- out in the boonies. I don’t mind the boonies but was disappointed when I got here and it wasn’t exactly the romantic endeavor I had pictured in my head. But disappointments are part of life, right? 

So, I took a few moments of moving in to feel a bit disheartened and then decided that I am going to make the most of every day being here. I’m using this month to establish my routine and maybe work on getting out of my head a bit. 

After all, traveling across the country with myself and my dog was a way to expand my thinking and experiences and inspire other empty nesters to do the same.