Maybe you’re not ready to take off across the country, or maybe you have no idea what you like anymore because you have spent these past couple of decades raising kids, keeping a house, making time for friends and staying in some semblance of decent shape. 

Now you have a lot of time on your hands and your brain and you’re not sure what to do next. I have a lot of friends in the same position. The nest is empty and either you are single (like me) or trying to redefine the marriage without the kiddos. In all of that you feel like it’s time to find something worthwhile to do with all that time on your hands. 

Maybe you want to take up creating gingerbread houses

Here are 7 options for finding a new hobby in the empty nest

  1. Volunteer your time with an organization that is significant to you. Check out Volunteer Match to learn of opportunities in your area. 
  1. Take a class. If you want to take up a new hobby a class is the perfect way to start. Not only that but you may meet new friends while in the class. 
  1. Join a travel club. There are so many online that you can join or check facebook for a travel club that looks right for you. Even if you are still just dreaming, it’s a fun way to connect with other people who have the same wanderlust you do. 
  1. Adopt a pet. I adopted Tink from the Humane Society and I cannot tell you how much value she has added to my life. Not only is she my constant companion but she also provides opportunities to meet people. The dog park is a great place to meet people, not to mention the activities that have popped up that are dog n me activities.
  1. Find a hobby that will keep you active and help you meet people. Rowing, yoga, pickleball, dance lessons, photography (this is where a class comes in handy), pottery, painting
  1. Make an empty nest list (instead of a bucket list) of all the places you want to visit and things you would like to do now that your nest is empty. 
  1. Start or join a book club/dinner club. This is a great way to invite friends to invite friends into your circle and expand that circle. A dinner club is great for mixed company (significant others) and a book club is good girlfriend time.