The pressure of having a FANTASTIC New Year’s Eve is no longer a thing, having a fun New Years Eve at Home sounds perfect. We have raised some fantastic humans who are now out there creating fantastic new years!  Fighting crowds at a bar no longer sounds remotely interesting and getting crazy-drunk only means New Years day will be tragic as we nurse a hangover that lasts much longer these days.

In the empty nest, it is important to celebrate the new year with anticipation and be surrounded by things and people we love. That’s where this blog comes in handy. I have several ideas for the perfect New Years Eve at home. These last 2 years, with covid, we weren’t exactly in the mood for celebrating or getting together with friends but this year, we came up with some great ways to celebrate that will be tons of fun but also allow us to ring in the new year feeling refreshed and ready for new experiences and growth. 

New Years Eve at Home

Ideas for New Years Eve at Home

  1. Have a grown up sleepover party complete with matching PJ’s! This will only work if you’re single. My besties threw me a grown up sleepover when I took off across country and it was magic! Check out my story here.
  2. Host a game night with friends! Ask your guests to bring a game to play and their favorite dessert and/or drink to share. Once everyone arrives and has had some food and drink, start a game! It’s such a fun way to bond with friends and laugh as you bring in the new year. 
  3. Host a “themed” dinner party for a small group of friends. Pick a theme like “favorite pjs” “all white party,” “1980s” or “Green with Envy”. Request that everyone bring a dish to share that fits the theme, and ask them to dress up too! You make this as fun as you like!
  4. Host a murder mystery party. Everyone dresses in costume and comes in their character and you all have to solve the mystery together. Check out Night of Mystery for downloadable murder mystery ideas. You can do dinner, appetizers, or dessert with this party. 
  5. Host a Vision Board Party. What better time than New Years Eve to create a Vision Board. Check out my book about creating the ultimate Vision Board for your future growth.

As you plan your New Year’s at home this year, here are some ideas to make it extra special.

Make a themed New Year’s music playlist, put together some small party favors or make a 2022 wish jar for your guests to slip their 2022 goals into.

I hope this gives you some great ideas for hosting a New Year’s Eve party at home.

I have a 5 day New Years Challenge coming up the day after Christmas. Want to join the challenge to find your adventure in 2022?