Great dining experiences has been one of the greatest pleasures in my travels. Austin did not disappoint with the many gluten free restaurants in the area. The Austin food scene has surprised me. Every single meal I have had in Austin has been incredible.

Each meal has been unique and delight to my senses.  From the prepared single-serve meals at HEB to gourmet Mexican. Finding gluten-free options has been

Gluten Free Dining at Home

If you are in town for a while and want to have some gluten free dinners at home, then try the single-serve meals at HEB. I had everything from bacon-wrapped stuffed shrimp and veggies to turkey tenderloin medallions with potatoes and veggies. They range from $5-$15 and all I had to do was put them in the oven.

Gluten Free Restaurants and Bars in Austin

Texas Farmers Market

1.Texas Farmers Market at Mueller – Sundays from 10 AM to 2 PM. There are a ton of vendors with all kinds of gluten free fresh food to eat while you’re there or bring home to enjoy. If you’re in town on a Sunday, it’s a good place to check out.

Check out this farmers market if you are gluten-free and love desserts and yummy gluten-free options.  There were at least 6 vendors that were exclusively gluten-free! (for more things to do in Austin, check out this post.

2. Taquero Mucho – in downtown is “Dripping in pink feminine energy, this cute little taqueria is becoming one of Austin’s Newest Staples for women. The owner of Taquero Mucho prides herself on being a Latina Female owned and operated business. As the only Latina owner on W. Sixth Street, Gabriela strives to preserve her culture, heritage and her vision dedicated to women of all walks of life.” (excerpt from their website).

My best friend and I definitely felt the love and the pink. They serve guacamole and queso with fresh corn tortillas, not to mention our waitress was sweet and super helpful. Almost every thing on the menu was gluten free, so there was not much on the menu I couldn’t eat and there was enough for us to take home.

3. Phoebe’s Diner – for brunch. This little place is outside of downtown and pretty popular with the locals. They have specific gluten free dishes on the menu. It’s also super dog-friendly on the porch. It doesn’t look like much from the street but the inside is super cute. The brunch dishes combine a unique blend of flavors to the typical brunch fare. Oh, and don’t miss the blood orange mimosas.

We arrived around 10:30 am on Saturday morning and sat down at the bar immediately. By the time we left, around noon there was a line into the parking lot.

True Kitchen, Austin, TX

4. True Food Kitchen – a great place for lunch. We went for a walk around Lady Bird Lake and when we got hungry we found this place and decided to give it a shot. We sat on the dog-friendly patio. “At True Food Kitchen, our menu is carefully crafted so that every bite and every refreshing sip serve up big flavor, an abundance of fresh ingredients and a taste of the unexpected.

Our artisan chefs create crave-worthy classics alongside a steady rotation of seasonal offerings that take advantage of naturally ripe fruits and vegetables so their flavor is full and their nutrients, rich.”. My boyfriend and I started with the charred cauliflower. Then we shared a chicken and mozzarella panini (on a fresh gluten-free house-made pita!) and the Korean noodle bowl with chicken.

What we loved about it was that everything was healthy and we were full but not stuffed!

5. Comedor – great for a high end dining experience. “Comedor is a modern Mexican restaurant in downtown Austin, Texas designed by architect Tom Kundig and led by chef Philip Speer”. It’s in the heart of downtown and a place you want to visit with friends as all the menu items are for sharing.

The entire menu is gluten-free as everything is corn-based. I can’t even really put into words the flavors and combinations of dishes on the menu. This is one you will want to experience for yourself. I will tell you that it is high end and the prices reflect as much. Do yourself a huge favor and get the bone marrow tacos! I don’t eat red meat, so I was very skeptical, but they were truly mouth-watering!

The menu items are so good you will want to savor every morsel and will be glad to have someone to enjoy it with you.

6. Laundrette – a great solo dinner option. The items on the menu are not specifically gluten-free. But, each dish is made to order so it was very easy for the waiter to ensure that my dinner choices were gluten-free. This laundromat turned restaurant is super cute and is just outside of downtown, on Holly Street.

I sat at the bar and had stuffed zucchini and fried shrimp (made with cornmeal, not flour!). The bartender was very knowledgeable and helpful in sharing their gluten-free options and his suggestions for things I should try. This is a place you can try on your own. The bar is long so finding a spot to sit on your own is doable.

7. Gabriela’s –  for brunch or dinner. This little place is very casual with fresh authentic Mexican dishes in a casual yet trendy restaurant. It is owned and operated by Gabriela and you know I love a good woman-owned business. I had brunch and dinner at Gabriela’s and both were very good! They are dog friendly and all their tortillas are corn so no worries about gluten with most of their menu items.

8. Suerte – another gluten free restaurant option for dinner. I am so glad this place was recommended to me. My friend was in town for the night and we had reservations at another place. We ended up canceling because our bike tour was running long. We ended up sitting at the bar at Suerte.

And we are so glad we did because it was fantastic! The guacamole was the most unique I have ever experienced, made with pistachio salsa. The rest of the meal was as unique and delicious. Again,  almost everything was gluten-free and shareable so my friend and I were able to try several tapas from the menu. We were appreciative of the flavors and textures that were so one-of-kind. This is a definite must!

9. Wanderlust – for a glass (or three) of wine! On the corner of 6th and I-35. This place is so fun. “The World’s Largest Self-Pour Wine on Tap Winery.” Upon arriving you are given a card with $25 and as you wander the wall of wine, you can pick a pour by the ounce.

Place your card in the holder and place your glass under the tap and the wine dispenses into your glass. This means you are able to try wine by the ounce. Everything from bubbly to Cabernet. This is a fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon or evening after dinner! We went after dinner at Gabriela’s since it is only a block away.

10. Mr Natural – for so many gluten-free treat options!! I happened upon this place when I did the Austin Art Walk. It’s a great place to visit just for the mural painted on the building but if you go in, you will find a whole wall of gluten-free and vegan deliciousness!

These are just a few of my highlights but I’d love to know what yours are. Drop them in the comments below!