lava lake near Livingston

One of the best things to do near Livingston, MT is hike! There are multiple hiking trails near Livingston that have it all. You can see waterfalls, mountains, and wildflowers from multiple trails. 

Please note when hiking in Montana in the summer bring bear spray (and learn to use it). Learn about bear safety before heading out on the trail. Have plenty of water and a snack for your travel (well wrapped and in your backpack, because of the bears). Make noise when you hike and if you are alone listen to your music, book, or podcast out loud) Bears do not like people. They get scared by humans while they are munching on their huckleberries and that’s when they attack. But if they hear you they will go the opposite way than you are. Ok, that’s my knowledge of the bear situation. If you want to learn more check out the Grizzly encounter near Livingston. 

Triple Tree Trail – 5.4 mile hike with 1,000 ft elevation gain. The trailhead is located about 30 minutes from Livingston. The triple tree trail was one of my favorite hikes near Livingston. It is a gorgeous hike through a meadow and up a mountain. We saw Elk frolicking in the meadow! The elevation gain is almost 1,000 feet so keep that in mind, when starting out on this trail. Take WATER! Although it’s uphill most of the way,  it’s a fairly easy hike with spectacular views of the valley and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. It is a popular trail and the parking lot gets crowded so if you can, go early. 

Hikes near Bozeman

Drinking Horse Trail- 2.1 mile hike. The trailhead is 30 minutes from Livingston, near Bozeman. This mountain hike is beautiful and fairly easy. At the top you are greeted with 360 views, wildflowers, rock formations, and several benches for reflection or snacks or both. I took Tink on this trail and she loved all the new smells and friendly pups. This is a popular trail with the locals and their pups. Take some time and sit with nature at the top of this trail. You will be glad you did. 

view of moutains from livingston trail

M Hike – Depending on which route you take it’s either 2 miles to the top (easier) or ½ mile hike up, really tough! You will see the M as you drive from Bozeman to Livingston. This hike is a very popular hike near Livingston. You will see dogs, hikers, runners, hang gliders etc. This trail is not particularly easy but it is doable. Once you reach the M, you will not be able to view the M itself (it’s large) but you will have the satisfaction of saying you did it! The parking lot gets packed so head out early! 

M hike near Livingston

Lava Lake – 6 mile hike with 1,600 ft elevation gain. The trailhead is about an hour from Livingston on the way to Big Sky. This is a tough trail and remote so take bear precautions. It is about 3.5 miles UP! Loads of switchbacks, rocky, and a huge elevation gain. The moment when you want to give up is when you come upon Lava Lake! It is breathtaking. This is a great hike to take a picnic, friends, and hydration. Sit on the rocks at the lake and have lunch. It is serene, quiet, and perfect. You will work for the reward of the lake and you will be glad you did. 

lava lake near bozeman

Hyalite Canyon Hikes Near Livingston

Palisades Falls – 1  ¼ mile hike located in Hyalite Canyon. Located about 1 hr 15 minutes from Livingston. The drive over is just beautiful and the hike is short, paved and the falls at the end are gorgeous. There are a ton of people, kiddos, and pups on this trail.

Pallisades Falls near Livingston

Grotto Falls – 2 ½ mile hike located in Hyalite Canyon, near Palisades. An easy, wide trail that travels along the creek to end at Grotto Falls. Really nice hike through the woods to the falls. We did not run into a lot of folks on this trail so it was nice to have time to ourselves. 

Hyalite Canyon trails – there are a ton of trails in Hyalite Canyon. Check out your Alltrails app to find the ones that suit your comfort level. The beauty of the mountains and the river will amaze you at every turn. 

Other Hikes Near Livingston

Livingston Peak – Everywhere you go in Livingston, you will see Livingston Peak. It is a beautiful site to behold. The hike to the summit is HARD. It is a 7.3-mile hike with a 3000 ft elevation gain. The views are amazing, remember to take hydration and nutrition for the trek. 

Pine Creek Falls- 2 ½ mile hike. This hike is very close to Livingston. The trailhead is off a dirt road near 89A. You will travel down a very narrow road to reach the trailhead. The hike is considered moderate but there is not a significant elevation climb so if you take it easy, you will make it with no issues. There are 2 falls on this hike near Livingston and both are beautiful. Make sure you travel to the far side of the falls to see the second falls. The falls are completely worth the rocky hike.

Pine Creek Falls near Livingston

Natural Bridge Falls – .7 mile hike. Apx 1 hour drive from Livingston, near Big Timber. If you have a chance to stop in Big Timber it is another cute little town with lots of history. Take the hike to the base of the natural bridge. The decline is significant so you will scramble a bit. It is really something to behold. We loved hiking around this gem. Be prepared for no wifi and having the place to yourself. While in the area continue to drive through Natural bridge state park. There are loads of trails in the area, but there is no wifi so download your Alltrails info before you head out to this area. 

Natural Bridge Falls near Livingston

On your drive out, be sure to notice Holly’s Roadkill cafe. They have some really funny, irreverent signage that is just fun to read.

drive to Natural Bridge

Hiking Trails Near Livingston

I like for my hikes to be under 7 miles, especially when I’m hiking alone and I like to have a map of the hikes so I know what I can expect to experience along the way. Check out the AllTrails app for all hiking trails near Livingston. Make sure when you hike to leave no trace and respect the beauty that is all around you.