Explore each area you visit to discover history and art.

Whether you are off, galavanting across the country like me! Or you simply want to explore locally and see some things that maybe you have never seen or ever knew existed. I recommend a good checklist. 

I like to find things on the internet that I had no idea existed and add those things to my list. This way if I am bored or have an afternoon free, I can check my handy-dandy checklist for things to explore locally. It’s also great to be able to share ideas with my friends and family. 

What I like about having an explore list is that you can constantly add things to it and you have the satisfaction of checking things off. When I visit a new place or do something different, I take time to learn about it. I read the plaques, I take in the information people give me and I immerse myself in that activity for whatever amount of time I gave myself. It’s not only fun for me, but I have the information I can share with other people who want to explore.

make a to-do list for where you want to travel.

Creating Your Solo Travel Checklist

Creating your Explorer Checklist should be fun! It will take a little time strolling through the many websites and blogs that give you the top few things you must when you want to explore locally. I like to use Pinterest so that all my ideas are in one place.  Once I have my boards full, I create a checklist in the “Notes” section of my phone.

Feel free to follow my boards to give you ideas!

If you are traveling through the United States, check out my blog posts with great ideas for things to do in the places I have traveled. If you are staying in your area and want some unique things to do I rounded up a few websites to look through to find unique things to do and see in your area. 

I recently had a friend who took a photography class and as part of the class, they got to visit a place where they could see the Northern Lights. I love the idea of taking a fun class in your area to meet people, learn a new skill, and visit new places or simply see the same places through a unique lens. 

A roundup of travel websites

https://www.atlasobscura.com/ – I love this site for a whole host of reasons. One is the fun blogs you can read and the other is the unique things you can find in the city you’re visiting. 

https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/ – I love this site because it tells you about your own state. There is so much to explore all over the country and I bet you can find enough to keep you busy exploring for the year on the site. 

Check out the local Chamber of Commerce for information they may have on local places to explore.

Check ouTrip Buzz and Trip Advisor both offer lots of suggestions for things to do in your local area. 

I personally love to ask local shop owners about fun and activities they would suggest. This week we had an amazing waiter who shared multiple things we should check out in the Rhode Island  area. I had the same luck in Chattanooga with a very friendly waitress telling me all about the local hikes I should take and places I shouldn’t miss. 

Where do you live and what should a tourist do while visiting your area? Share the love!