far outside the ordinary

One of my last evenings with friends at home was spent with my book club. These women are the most incredible group of people I know. Somehow we managed to put together women who are smart as hell, lovely to look at, and have kindness and compassion running through their veins. Not only that but we truly support and love each other through all of life’s triumphs and challenges (This is a blog post for another day).

The evening spent with my book club was quite special in that the author of our most recent read, Prissy Elrod, was able to join us via zoom. We read her first book entitled “Far Outside the Ordinary”. I had the pleasure of listening to it on audible so I was able to hear Prissy’s own voice as she told her story. 

Needless to say, all of us fell in love with Prissy. Her southern charm, her tenacity, and her faith, not only in God but in all the people she met along her journey, instantly make her an inspiration to us all. You can check out all of her endeavors on her website https://www.prissyelrod.com/

Far Outside the Ordinary

Far Outside the Ordinary follows a personal journey of life interrupted by one of life’s greatest fears…cancer.

“If anybody had told Prissy, a Southern housewife, she would one day be driving around town with a stoned, drunk man named Willie in her backseat while she begged–no, ordered–him into her house for the night, she would have told them they were nuts. But it happened.”

An emotionally honest account, it chronicles the period in Prissy’s life when, during a routine physical, her fifty-year-old husband is given less than a year to live. Never one to take no for an answer, she is determined to save her husband. She exhausts Western lifesaving treatments. When they fail, she puts faith in prayer and Eastern alternative treatments- from medicine men to an FDA-indicted doctor. Her optimistic nature infuses her with hope and a positive outcome. Despite all her efforts, Boone’s health deteriorates.

Prissy calls in help: black caregivers move into her home in Tallahassee, Florida, and work around the clock to aid her family. Soon, Prissy finds herself a spectator in her own home, observing events far outside the boundaries of her once ordinary life. This is a story of people from different cultures and how love and respect for each other’s differences grew from the work of supporting a man at the end of his life.

A memoir which shares a universal message: living through tragedy,resurrecting from despair, and rediscovering love, joy and happiness. Prissy opens her heart and reveals the unfolding of her once ordinary life with raw truth and brave honesty. It is told with candor, emotion, and a sprinkle of humor. Sometimes, unanswered prayers are answered, just in a different way.”

I recommend adding Far Outside the Ordinary to your reading list

I recommend this book to any woman who has dealt with or is dealing with a life transition, whether it be death, divorce, or simply empty nesting (like me). 

Author Prissy Elrod

After hearing her incredible story, I knew I needed to meet Prissy. Amazingly, my first stop on my empty nesting journey is in her hometown of Tallahassee! We were able to meet last night, which was a true honor. She is as fierce and kind as she comes across in her book. Prissy has such a generous spirit that I felt like I was talking to an old friend rather than someone I had just met. 

She shared her book writing journey with me, including the trials and errors she went through with publishers, screen writers, and the like. She has inspired me to keep a daily journal of my trip so that I will have a book at the end of this journey! 

I know I’m barely a week in, but I feel like I’m already adventuring and learning so much, even how to enjoy “country livin” (more on this in another blog). What new (and maybe unexpected things) have you learned in your recent adventures?