Mornings in the Empty Nest

Mornings in the empty nest are eerily quiet. No one needs lunch or last minute studying for a test. There is no one to wake you up (except maybe you’re pup) And yet, the morning ritual is every bit as important in the empty nest as it was in the life I had before. 

I love my morning rituals and cling to them (although admittedly later in the morning than when I had kids in the house). The morning sets up my day for success and gives me a sense of structure to my days. 

I hope you will use all or part of this ritual to create a healthy morning ritual that will fill your cup up each and every morning, so you can live your big dreams. This practice that I am going to share has changed my life over the course of several years. 

When you create an Empty Nest early morning routine for yourself you don’t have to “find time for me” – you make time for you. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Self-care is about giving yourself time and space to be alone, to give yourself grace, to experience growth and to be creative. 

There are several things that I am going to encourage you NOT to do before I get into creating that magical time for yourself every day! 

In the morning, you are not “down with OPA” (other people’s agendas). 

Do NOT check email.

Do NOT check social media. 

Do NOT respond to anything. I promise it can wait. This is your time that you have protected in your morning.

You are your first priority!

I am going to share with you what I have found to be the perfect morning ritual. You can tweak yours as it suits you.

We are working to create our dream lives. Most of the world is not on that path. Since we are on a reimagined empty nest journey, we are different, so we have to do something different. 

I believe that a strong morning ritual is imperative to a successful day because you begin your day with intention and purpose. It gives you time to collect yourself and decide how you want your day to go. 

Here is the Empty Nest Morning Routine that I love

  • Set up coffee the night before to brew before I get up so the house smells delish!
  • Make the bed
  • Find my favorite comfy chair where I settle in for at least an hour
  • Text my girls that I love them and send an inspirational message
  • Bible study/meditation/prayer
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Reading for myself (professional/personal development)
  • Look at calendar and set up priorities for the day
  • Exercise
  • Get ready for my day

What time do you need to get up to have 1 hour to yourself?


What does your ideal morning routine look like?



Empty Nest Morning Journal

I learned the practice of a writing a daily gratitude journal over a decade ago. By focusing on what we are thankful for each day, it makes us more receptive to the goodness that life has for us, it helps us be more open to the abundance that life has to offer. 

It is imperative for me to journal every day 5 things I am grateful for. 

You get the idea. Practice here by writing five things you are grateful for (I want to encourage you to find a beautiful journal to write your daily thoughts of gratitude):



Next in your journal, write 3 things that you did great yesterday and 3 areas of growth that you saw yesterday. And lastly, write out 3 affirmations.  

These affirmations should support what kind of woman you decided you want to show up as. 

I AM beautiful. 

I AM living a BOLD life.

I AM capable of BIG things. 

I AM a great mom AND so much more!

These should be stated in the positive and should make you smile as you write them. And start each affirmation with “I AM” because if you begin with “I will” – that is your future self. If you say, “I am”, you are stating it as your present self.

What are 3 affirmations you can claim today? Remember these affirmations will set your mindset. If you affirm you are beautiful, you will see beauty and people will respond that way.




Check your calendar, figure out your priorities and schedule your day so you feel fully in control of what you accomplish. I like the Goals Wizard app to help me with this. 

These days exercise for me looks like a 4-5 mile walk with Tink and peloton app

After my morning ritual the adventure continues! My work day is time blocked and I find time in the afternoon/evenings to explore whatever city I’m visiting.