I choose a digital nomad life when my youngest daugther graduated from high school. As soon as I walk out the door each morning for my walk with Tink I almost pinch myself that this is my life! I get to live and work all over the country! I planned and worked and cried and struggled to get exactly here and I am in awe that I get to do it. It is truly a gift. 

Last week I had coffee with a crew that I took a yoga class with. I explained my adventure and one of the gentlemen asked me if I was on a pilgrimage or something. Perhaps I am on a pilgrimage. 

I am the first (well at least the first person I have ever heard of) woman to leave the nest when my last kid did and take off on a grand adventure. 

I am the first who planned for my adventure at the same time as I was planning the college drop off and dorm preparation. 

I am exploring this country with a sense of wonder and making discoveries about myself along the way. 

Essentially a pilgrimage is a journey with purpose and significance. 

Making a pilgrimage is walking in the footsteps of history. (This is the actual definition) It entails leaving everything behind. Your daily life, routines and hectic schedule to learn about yourself and make some discoveries along the way. 

So, yes! I am on a pilgrimage. I have left behind everything I had in Florida and am living each day to experience something unique. To be immersed in other places around the country. Truly I just smile at the fact that I get to do this. I am on this pilgrimage in hopes to inspire others to open themselves up to the big wide world!! 

I am not doing this journey alone. This year long journey will see many of my friends coming to visit and my love will also join me each month but essentially Tink and I are purposefully working to experience life on our own terms, truly taking time to experience all the different parts of the country have to offer. We find a place we think might be interesting and we just go, make stops along the way and explore!

Each place I visit, I am also committed to making a financial contribution in each community I visit so that my contribution is helpful and beneficial to the place I am staying. Last month I gave to a local charity that is helping to end human trafficking. This month was a bit closer to home but I felt a tug on my heart so I gave. I love being able to bless others along this journey. 

One of the joys of my journey is highlighting local places I visit. I hope that I can bring awareness to small businesses and places that are near and dear to my heart! I also want to encourage as many people as I can to embark on a big beautiful pilgrimage of your own.

Whether it’s buying the home of your dreams, taking off on a crazy adventure, starting a business or simply trying something new and different. Every single time you take a step out of your comfort zone, you are inspiring others to do something different, to learn something new. 

I’m living my dream! And I can help you find and live your dream too!