Now you have time and energy in the empty nest, maybe it’s time to start a business for this next phase of your life. You have the experience, you have the time, let’s put it to use to start your own business!

Now that the nest is empty, there are no more games to attend, family dinners, constant errands. etc. You now have a chance to start over. You can reinvent yourself, figure out who you are without kids and what you really like. This time is about you!!

You can start a business in the empty nest. Something that will help other people. Something that will fulfill your heart and get you excited to jump out of bed in the morning because you are reinventing yourself. You have the time to learn a new skill for your current job OR start a side business that ignites your creative spirit.

This is a super exciting time in your life! You’ve done an amazing job raising your kiddos and working to feed and house them. Not to mention ensuring they’re loved and feel supported.

Now is your time!

Shannon Carlton

Let’s look at some creative ideas for starting a side hustle in your new empty nest or learning a new skill for your current position. Either way, it’s time to re-engage those creative muscles for yourself.

What kind of side hustle or fun business can you pick up in the empty nest?

Side Hustles for Empty Nesters

Virtual Assistant – you can do this from anywhere.  If you want to travel during this season, being a virtual assistant is a great side hustle. BONUS:  you could end up working with some amazing people doing amazing work.

Social Media manager – let’s face it, we’ve been coordinating schedules and getting things organized for decades. Take a few classes to learn about social media and use your organizational skills to manage social media for a local or remote company.

Personal shopper – you can do this with Instacart. You could also start your own personal shopping business for busy professionals in your area who need an extra pair of hands. 

Short-term rental property manager – This is a skill you can learn! Maybe you own more than one home that you can rent out as an Airbnb? Maybe you want to buy a property to rent out? (rental income AND vacation property all in one).

Realtor – you can take classes and learn how to buy, sell and invest in real estate. It’s a wonderful skill to have and can turn into a great career. This is particularly good if you want to get to know people in your community.

At Home Chef or exercise instructor – assuming, of course, that you have an interest in and skills in either of these areas. These would be fun careers to have and a way to use the skills you have learned over the years to help other people!

Check out Done Right Merchandising where you get to travel the country putting together stores. Great opportunity to travel while you work!

Learn a New Skill

Starting a side-hustle or business might NOT be your idea of how you want the empty nest to look. If you’ve had a career for a long time, it’s a great time to upskill!

  • Learn something innovative about your industry.
  • Take a class about social media so you can contribute to the marketing department or help an entrepreneur with her business.
  • Upgrade your technical skills that will help you excel in the corporate world.

What new skills can you learn that will help you in your current career or even a new path in your career.

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