I left Tallahassee for Chattanooga this week. This is when the real adventure begins because I was familiar with Tallahassee, I knew the name of the streets and it had some familiarity for me. And it’s still Florida, after all and my girls are there, my heart. So, as I was packing and driving away I got a real sense of leaving, **it just got real! I felt very melancholy as I headed out of Florida.

For this roadtrip I wanted to be able to stop and check out the surroundings on my way so that is exactly what we did. As we drove through Bainbridge, I stopped and we checked out the historic homes from there we stopped at the “Little Grand Canyon” in GA and hiked. I thought I could see the canyons with a short little walk from my car but as it turned out I had to hike a 3 mile trail to get to the canyons. 

The Little Grand Canyon in Georgia

There are 3 trails around Providence Canyon State Park. Red (7 miles, hard) white 3 miles and well worn and black for the campers/overnighters. I chose the white trail, obviously. 

Tink and I took off on the white trail, just the two of us, with no one else to be found or heard. Just us, just the quiet of the woods and the thoughts in my head. There was no cell service so truly, I was alone with my thoughts. Oh the things you think when there is nothing else to do. Am I right? 

As Tink and I came upon the signs for the first canyons, we stepped off the well worn trail and into the base of the canyon. The first sight of it was spectacular, it’s the little Grand Canyon but it is still pretty sizable and quite stunning. Then out of the canyon we went, back on the white trail (I hoped). 

Providence Canyons Park

We got back on that path, walked several minutes and I began to get nervous (not that I was thinking about bears or snakes or other creatures lurking in the woods, nope not me, never crossed my mind…..) after I had left the canyon I wasn’t sure where I was, the white marks that I was counting on had disappeared and I was there (did I mention alone). 

Journeys in Life

I started to think about our journeys in life. How often do we make a decision and commit to a path only to wonder geez, did I get off somewhere I wasn’t supposed to go? Is this path going to take me to the place I want to be? Where are the other people who could give us a bit of comfort? And what am I facing here, alone? 

There are so many journeys we take that feel like that, aren’t there? And just like I did on this white trail, we have to keep going. There was no going back, I didn’t actually know what back was (because I had detoured through the canyons). I was committed to the path I had chosen to take and until I saw the next sign, I had to have faith in my chosen path. I had to trust that path would take me where I needed to be and enjoy the scenery while I was at it. I also had to focus on staying in the moment, not panic, not let my mind wander too far into the fear of the unknown.

And I was rewarded for that faith, for staying on the path because I came across some truly interesting artifacts from the homestead that was once in those woods and when I had taken the trail all the way through the path I got to the top of the canyons and looking down on them was truly remarkable. I am glad I didn’t miss it! 

I hope my (somewhat overly) dramatic hiking story reminds you to take the path less traveled. Pay attention to exactly where you are in each moment and trust that the path you have chosen will lead you to some spectacular discoveries along the way. 

Adventure my friends! Find your path and follow it with faith and passion in your belly. Let me know if I can help you find your path!