Raise kids………. Check

Get kids into a good college…..check

Write a book…..check

Grow a business and sell it……. Check

Create a business that can travel with you on the road…..check

Now what is a mom supposed to do when her kids are leaving the proverbial nest?

For me I began planning to be an empty-nester 2 years before my youngest was going to graduate from high school. I had been a single mom of 2 girls for the past 10 years. I did a great job with these beautiful creatures, they are well adjusted, well loved, ready to explore the world themselves.

My first idea was to fall in love and move away. Well, that didn’t exactly work as he was the wrong guy and decided he wasn’t quite interested in me after all. Back to square 1, but with a therapist this time! 

Armed with a great therapist and trying to reimagine my life without the girls, I began to think pretty big, bold (maybe a little crazy) next steps.

I have been in motherhood mode for 21 years. I have been in the same community and same house even for the past 24 years.

I’ve always loved adventure but never had the funds or time to galavant too far seeing that I was raising my girls (and loving every moment of it….ok not every moment, but mostly). So as I was working with my therapist (to get over a dude), I met someone who was considering taking off in an RV. I began looking at RVs with him and researching RV life, women who RV, full time travel adventures, etc (btw there are a TON of youtube videos, blogs, etc about this subject) so that became my first idea. I looked at what type of truck I would need, how long an RV I thought I could handle, costs of RV lots, etc. That thought scared me. The more I thought about it and looked into the trouble with RVs, staying in campgrounds and the like it just didn’t resonate with me. Then one of my friends said, hey why don’t you AirBnB it throughout the country. From there the dream of cross country travel really blossomed.

A dream to be homeless for a year. To sell my house and everything in it. Take off with my dog across country and stay in AirBnBs for month long stays (because you get a better rate for month long) and I want to get to know the people in each community. To get to know the local businesses, to “live locally” and experience a community (and of course write/video) about it as well. 

My Vision Board this year is a little different than the years past. I bought a huge map that covers my entire wall in my current office. I have sticky notes at each place I’m going to visit and creating lists of things I want to do (on my pintrest page), places I want to visit, and of course AirBnbs that I want to stay in. This map has been in my office since the beginning of 2021 and is a constance reminder to me of my big vision when I get frustrated or afraid.

I talk about what I am doing, tell my friends, tell my kids, my family. I work every day to make this whole thing happen by August. 

I had to fix up my house, go through all my belongings to figure out what to sell and what to toss or give away. I have to figure out what I need to make on the sale of my house to make this endeavor work. I have started a travel budget (more on that later) I am figuring out how to start a blog website (thanks for visiting) and how to live on my own without my girls, which is the hardest part for me. I am learning how to become a photographer so I can take great shots of my journeys. 

I cry every day. And I get super excited every day. I am a roller coaster of emotions about selling the home I have loved for 24 years, about leaving my amazing support system and my girls to fly away on my own. 

I work part time for a national speaker and trainer and I recently launched an online training course for business start-ups with a collaborator. 

Why do I share all of this?

I want to inspire moms who are empty nesting to live beyond the empty nest.

Do the work to be emotionally, spiritually, financially healthy and then fly away to find and live your BIG dream, your scary dream. Your kids are off working on their version of a life they get to curate. You are no longer part of that day-to-day work of raising them. You did good, mama. You get to curate your new chapter, whatever you want that to look like. I hope I help you create a chapter you love. A chapter that challenges you again in a different way than raising kids challenged you and that inspires not only you but the people around you. 

The thing about going after a big dream is that you inspire other people to do the same. 

Uprooted Adventures, life beyond the empty nest with adventure and purpose.

I’m super excited to take you on this journey with me.