It is time for this empty nester to travel solo.

You’re doing what? You’re going where? This morning I was told I was insane.

I asked the guy what he meant? Did he really think I was insane? He said “yes! It’s insane to go from having a routine and living in a place for 24 years and then to completely change everything!” 

I’ve always understood the definition of insanity to be “doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results”. I am definitely NOT doing that. I think the term would be Disruptive. I am disrupting a system, my system, let’s see if it works:) I am officially an empty nest travler.

As I tell people what I am doing, the next question is where are you going? So I thought I’d post my {current} list of my stops! I’m on the final countdown to launch, T- 18 days. All of my Airbnbs have been booked through March 2022. And my Pinterest pages are filling up with organizational ideas, outfit ideas AND things to do in all the places I’m going. Feel free to check out my pinterest page and follow my board!

Uprooted Adventures

12 States in 1 year

Tallahassee, FL – I am moving my girls to FSU (Go Noles!) next month, so I’m going to make that my first stop. Actually, I’m right outside of Tallahassee, near Wakulla Springs so I’m excited to see that!

Chattanooga, TN

Warren, RI – My cousins live in RI so I am excited to spend some time with them and see some autumn colors!!

Asheville, NC – my whole family is traveling to visit me for Thanksgiving in Asheville

Tallahassee, FL – Well, what can I say, I want to see my girls for Christmas!

Austin, TX

Santa Fe, NM

Sedona, AZ

St George, Utah – this is near Mt Zion and I am so excited to hike!



S Dakota


After that we will just have to see what life holds. Who knows?! If you’re new to my blog, check out my about me page to learn a bit more about my giant leap into the unknown!

If you have suggestions about things I shouldn’t miss in one of my locations, I’m all ears!