Providence Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state you should NOT miss visiting! It is a bit weird but in a most delightful way. For instance, restaurants are not open on Mondays and maybe Tuesdays. They have a state drink called coffee milk (which is like chocolate milk but made with coffee) and a state appetizer, calamari (I didn’t know this was a thing?). A milkshake is called “kabinet”.  Everyone stops for pedestrians no matter where you are crossing the street. It is the nicest thing ever but I keep forgetting and I fear that I have likely scared some very nice Rhodies (they call themselves this!) And fun fact, Rhode Island was home base to one of the largest crime families in the country, known as the New England Mafia. 

This is such a great little state! And even though I have only been here for a little over a week I have ventured through most of the state. As the month progresses I will check out more local spots but so far I have a great list of things you should not miss on your trip to Rhode Island. 

I would definitely recommend visiting Rhode Island in the fall. The colors are just beautiful! Not only on the trees but the homes all decorate for fall with pumpkins and brightly colored mums on every porch and shop in the area. Just driving through this state in October is a feast for your eyes. 

When you walk through the small towns in Rhode Island check out the dates listed on the side of the homes. You get a real sense of the families who built these homes in the 1700 and 1800s. It feels almost other-worldly to this Floridian.

Things not to miss on a trip through Rhode Island:

Cliff Walk In Newport, Rhode Island – you will pay to park in the lot close to the start of the Cliff Walk. It is right on Newport Beach and you will walk up to the narrow cliff walk. The views are breathtaking and it is a well-trafficked path up and back down to your car. Not only is there the beauty of the cliffs but also the Newport Mansions!

Downtown Newport – super busy downtown area with lots of little local shops and places to eat. 

We ate at The Deck and I had a delicious warm lobster roll (without the bread, of course). Plan to pay to park and parking is limited so I would go early or late and wear walking shoes. You can walk up and down Thames Street and pop in and out of shops, check out the local bars and enjoy the harbor and people watching. 

Jamestown and Beavertail Lighthouse – really spectacular views of Rhode Island from the top of Conanicut Island. The lighthouse is the 3rd oldest in the country. It was originally erected in 1749 and was octagonal in shape. In 1779 the lighthouse was burned down by the Brits when they left Rhode Island. 

Colt State Park – great park on the water near Bristol, RI. You can take your bike or a picnic or take your dog to walk around.

East Bay Bike Path – “The paved pathway travels just over 14 miles between Providence and Bristol, visiting eight parks as it skirts the historical water-fronts that played roles in local shipbuilding, transoceanic trade, and manufacturing.”

Four Towns Farm – so many fresh local veggies, baked goods, cheeses, and a U-Pick flowers across the street. We loved our visit to the farm. 

Warren, RI – check out Water Street and Main Street for shopping and food. Check out Tom’s Market for the local foods. The apple cider is fantastic!

Bristol, RI – oh there are wonderful shops in this little town! They are small, independently owned and have some really unique items. Bristol is also home to Linden Place, a lovely mansion worth a visit and Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum. You can make a day of strolling around Bristol and I recommend that you do!

Best Places to Eat in Rhode Island

The Wharf – the food is mediocre but the drinks are great as is the view of the Harbor.

Metacom Kitchen – food is creative and the staff is very friendly. I ordered the Chef’s special – gluten-free version and it was delish!

The Square Peg – local pub food. The staff is great and the drinks are creative. There is not much I can eat there due to my gluten-free requirements but their Brussel sprouts are delish!

The Revival – The food is absolutely wonderful. The Statler Chicken is particularly fabulous. There are several gluten-free options and we just loved our waiter, Michael who gave us a whole list of things to do and see in Rhode Island. 

Stay tuned for more on things to do in this great little state!