I have stayed in 3 airbnbs so far in my travels. Crawfordville, FL Chattanooga, TN and Warren, RI. I choose to make my year-long adventure one of experiencing new homes each month, in a location previously unknown to me. While in the beginning of my adventure research, I seriously considered RVing throughout the country, the experiences I wanted to have necessitated living “in town” among the residents and visitors so I landed on AirBnb’s. 

The great thing about choosing this form of living is that I didn’t have to keep anything from my home of origin other than my clothes and a few (what I consider) necessary items. You may find it comical, what I chose to bring but these items have come in very handy, indeed! 

Here is the ideal packing list for a long roadtrip

First let’s talk about Tink. I wanted to ensure that she has all she needs to feel as comfortable as possible as I drag her with me on this adventure so I brought her bed along with the blanket that her sister put in her bed well before we left. I brought her toys of course! I also purchased these items that have come in handy.

The Dog Car Seat Extender – This is perfect for us! It gives her bed a proper base and it holds everything from toys, dog food, dog bowls, shampoo (she’s white so she gets SUPER dirty) right in between the front and back seat so it doesn’t take any extra room in the trunk. Then when we arrive at our location it’s great space to hold all of her stuff that we are not using but will need access to. 

CBD Calming chews – I give Tink these chews before we get on the road for a long roadtrip and also if I am going to be out without her for awhile (she doesn’t love being home alone in new places). She is  nervous pup so these chews work great for us. 

Now that Tink is taken care of, let’s chat about how I packed for a year long trip across country with all kinds of weather.

2 cozy, washable blankets (king sized). I put one on the couch in our new home and fold up the quilt on my bed and put the other one on my bed. The reason for this is 2 fold. 1, Tink hops in bed with me at 5 am every morning and she sheds so I want to be gracious to my host. That is the same reason I put a blanket on the couch. We like to snuggle and I feel better about that with my own blankets I can wash. That is the second part, I like to be able to wash where Tink and I rest. I vacuumed sealed them up, to save room! 

Small airfryer – I love my airfryer and it’s easy to clean up. I got the smallest version to take up less space and typically it’s just me, so it’s perfect for a meal for 1. 

My favorite coffee mug and coffee scoop (because regular spoons cannot be trusted) coffee makes me happy and one of my besties got us matching coffee mugs so it travels with me. 

Fire stick for the tv – I actually didn’t think of this because I wouldn’t but fortunately my boyfriend suggested it because it has been a lifesaver from having to set up each tv to my streaming services. 

Alexa – she comes in handy for my sleep sounds at night, to let me know they weather and what I have coming up each day, not to mention my grocery lists and figuring out what to do in the areas I am traveling. 

Water bottle – hydration is important and for me it’s imperative that I have cold water!

Reusable shopping bags – I use these to help pack as well as for my grocery shopping/errands and they pack up so neatly, I love these!!

My favorite packing ideas

Plastic shoe boxes but not for shoes. I labeled the front of the shoe boxes for items I knew I would want/need along the way. And here is what I put in those shoe boxes:

Kitchen – reusable ziploc baggies to hold leftovers, (ice when I hurt my knee), chopped veggies, salad stuff, reusable plastic to go containers for same things. Chip clips for open bags

Medical – ibuprofen, decongestant, tiger balm, lozenges, sinus wash, carmex, gavisgon (tummy) and a first aid kit

Mani/pedi – nail polish, polish remover, cotton balls, nail clippers, emory board, partial mary kay satin hands set

Correspondence – pens, stationary, stamps, scissors, long envelopes, checkbooks

Spices – there are just some things I didn’t want to spend money on, dill, chili powder and rosemary being those things. Ha! So i just packed a few of my own, they have come in surprisingly handy. 

Shower – razor, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion

These boxes stay stacked on the kitchen counter or bathroom cabinets so that I have the items when I need them and they are always organized. When I travel these boxes are stacked in recycle bags which hold 3, perfectly.

The rest of my items are clothing and shoes (don’t forget the hiking shoes), and I would leave the heels, you won’t need them. I vacuum sealed a lot of the winter type clothes so I could fit more. When I was in Tallahassee I decided to purchase a canvas car topper which has helped me immensely. It is lightweight and easy to store when I’m not using it so I have been able to pack it and unpack it myself. (although it is much easier with help!)

I have a ton of room in my car and Tink and I can spread out. Not to mention that I have a wonderful boyfriend and friends who are traveling with me from one location to another. 

Check out these bags I use to pack my clothes in. They are easy to tote, hold lots of stuff especially if you vacuum seal your clothes. 

If you have questions about taking off on an epic adventure, I’m happy to chat!